Tennis for training and running: What differences do they have?

“Can I use some tennis for training to run and vice versa?” This may be a common question for anyone who is interested in starting a routine and doesn’t know what kind of shoes to wear.

The truth is that the tennis for training and the tennis to run they serve different purposes although there are times when we can use one type to do two things. Here we explain in detail the difference between these shoes.

Running shoes

Running shoes have a special design.


Los running shoes They are a shoe designed to offer shock absorption and promote forward movement, keeping you at a light weight so you can move with better ability on the road. Part of the above is mentioned by Nike in its official article on the differences of this shoe. It is also mentioned that they have more cushion in the midsole and arch support than the training tennisprotecting you from injuries and stress fractures.

WebMD experts add that running shoes They are also designed to protect the front of the foot and the ankle. The arch is created to improve mobility, and they are specifically to improve this activity.

When to use them?

The recommendation is to use running shoes whenever you go to do that activity. You can avoid them if you only run short distances on a treadmill as part of your warm-up for your workout. In that case you can use your training tennis No problem.

If you are one of those who runs long distances or if running is an important part of your training, you do need to use this type of tennis to reduce the risk of injury and improve performance.

If you usually run outdoors, be sure to buy running shoes that are effective on the trail or on the road. Most of the current designs are effective for running on the treadmill, or indoors, but if you go outside, pay attention to your purchase.

How to identify them?

There are many designs of running shoesbut something in which they are usually similar is in their arched design in the part of the sole, having an important focus on the curves.

How should they feel?

Los running shoes They should be comfortable and fit your exact size so they don’t slip out or squeeze you. They should feel cushiony and light. When running you should feel good traction (you won’t slide easily).

tennis for training

Get good training shoes.

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