Tennis Club achieved promotion to Level I and the women’s branch has finalists – Diario San Rafael

With the organization of the “Rodolfo Iselín” Sanrafaelina Basketball Association, the First Division championships in Level I, Level II that left San Rafael Tennis Club as a finalist to achieve promotion and in Ladies that have Deportivo Argentino and Pedal as finalists


The highest category of southern basketball left Bowen’s great away win against Banco Mendoza by 87-78, Huracán beat Deportivo Argentino Maxi by 60-52 and General Alvear’s Ferro Carril Oeste as a visitor prevailed in a very even duel against Deportivo Argentino by 72-71.

Positions: 1st Club Unión Social and Deportivo Bowen 20 points, 2nd Deportivo Argentino Maxi 17, 3rd Huracán 16, 4th Deportivo Argentino 15, 5th Ferro Carril Oeste 13, 6th Deportivo Malargüe “A” 11 and 7th Banco Mendoza with 10 units.


In what was the second match corresponding to the semifinals of the category, San Rafael Tennis Club beat Huracán “B” as a visitor and secured the pass to the grand final after winning both matches, which leads to it also obtaining the promotion to the highest category of basketball in the southern province.

The other semifinal clash is played by Real del Padre and Club Deportivo Malargüe, the previous weekend Real del Padre at home won 84-68 to tie the series 1-1, since the Malargüinos won the first duel 85-76 .


On Friday, the third game corresponding to the semifinals of the First Division Women’s Opening Tournament was played and Sportivo Pedal Club beat Municipal Malargüe 49-36 to thus reach the final of the competition.

The girls from the “Tricolor” had won the first game and lost the second at home, but this time they triumphed again on Malaga soil to once again play for the title, where they will face Deportivo Argentino.

This coming Saturday, starting at 8 pm, at the “Rafael Pescara” stadium located at Rodolfo Iselín and Belgrano, the first match of the grand final between Deportivo Argentino and Sportivo Pedal Club will be played.

For its part, in the U17 category, in what was the second game of the final series, the Real del Padre Municipal School beat San Rafael Tennis Club 65-17 to win the series 2-0 and become champion, the MVP of the finals was Juliana Bustos from Real del Padre.



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