Tears and hopelessness. Belarus fled Lukashenko from the Olympics, but is disappointed in Poland

The name Cimanouska occupied the media around the world for a while last summer. At the height of the Belarusian regime’s repression, she criticized Belarusian officials on social media during the Olympics in Tokyo for forcing her to take the 4×400-meter relay, which she had never run before.

The puffins subsequently pushed her to leave the venue prematurely and leave for home. A critic of the regime of Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko, whose son Viktor heads the Belarusian Olympic Committee, was removed from the team and taken to the airport.

Concerned about the consequences of public criticism after returning home, she contacted the Japanese police, who provided her with protection. Cimanouská subsequently obtained a Polish humanitarian visa and flew to Warsaw, where she lives under state protection. However, she hoped to quickly establish her citizenship there and be able to represent her new homeland. But this step is not working at all yet.

“Ten months of waiting for a miracle is quite difficult. I’m disappointed, I won’t be able to compete in the Polish championship because I still don’t have citizenship. I feel hopeless. I hope to return to the track as soon as I can, “she complained on Instagram.

And she admitted she couldn’t help but cry. She also added that she suffers from bulimia again due to stress. “The return of bulimia after two years, the first disappointment from Tokyo and the first tears. But I know I’m strong and I can handle it. No one will break me, “she assured her fans.

Cimanouská is a silver medalist from the European Under-23 Championship, and in 2019 she won gold at the Summer Universiade.

According to the rules of World Athletics, she should not race for three years after a change of citizenship. However, the athlete has previously stated that she will apply for an exemption because she considers her case to be exceptional.



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