TBF President Hidayet Türkoğlu: The National Team is in safe hands

A National Men’s Basketball TeamFIBA 2023 World Cup Qualifiers will host Great Britain away on Sunday, 3 July in their last match in Group B. Crescent-Stars met with members of the press on the media day before the match. At the event, TBF President Hidayet Türkoğlu made statements.

Noting that an exciting summer season awaits Turkish basketball, Hidayet Türkoğlu said, “Whether it’s the Great Britain game we’ll play on July 3, and then the games in August, it’s important. We started the preparations as a team for the European Championship, which will start in September, when we will be most excited as a country, under the management of Ergin. It made us feel proud that all friends from the NBA, whether they are involved here, representing Europe, or those representing our country, take care of the national team. “The success to be achieved will add value both in terms of moral motivation from the processes the country has gone through, and in terms of the success to be achieved in terms of the rise of Turkish basketball in Europe. We want to wish success to our team in advance. Hopefully, successes will be achieved that will make the country proud,” he said.

Stating that a good team was established under the management of Ergin Ataman, Türkoğlu said, “We would like to thank Ufuk Sarıca and Orhun Ene, who have served in the National Team before. They are our teachers who work to bring them to better positions in terms of the national team. Ergin Ataman started a new process. Ergin is the person who has brought great success to Turkey in terms of clubs in basketball in the last 2 years and has developed himself. A team established under his leadership. Our 4 friends representing our country in America, our friends playing in the Euroleague and the Super League. We have friends who perform well in Turkey whenever they have the opportunity. A nice squad has been formed. This is very important for us both in terms of current preparation. When we see young friends in terms of the future, we can say that the national team is in good hands. We offer them the best opportunities and train in the best place. Let them do their best and make the meaning and value of that jersey their country when they concentrate only on basketball and go out on the field. It’s important that they know what to add to it. The rest are all professional friends who do what they do best. Hopefully, we will follow this process closely,” he said.

Stating that the players in the team are aware of the meaning of the national team jersey, Hidayet Türkoğlu said, “The following processes are aware of what jersey your friends are wearing. That’s why they all come here willingly. We see this both in the positive atmosphere they show in the trainings, in the time they spend together. We train a lot together during the season. They don’t have the opportunity to play this summer, but they will make good use of this summer. Everyone is aware of how meaningful the national jersey is. Everyone takes the field with this thought. They will be of the same mind in the next matches, whether it’s Sunday’s game or not. We have a team that loves each other and respects each other. Our players, I hope the results will make our country proud. they will get it,” he said.



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