Tatsuro Hirooka is angry and “Tatsunori Hara can’t see the idea of ​​nurturing people.” Where is the “difference” between Yakult and the giant? | Professional baseball | Shueisha’s sports magazine Sportiva official website web Sportiva

Half of the pennant race has been exhausted, and it is time for each team to reach the goals set for this season as the summer season comes. In the Central League, Yakult has been in a position to run alone since June, and on June 26, the giant lost to Yakult and his own V disappeared at the fastest speed in the history of the team.

Many critics said that it would be difficult for Yakult to win the championship in a row before the pennant. Nevertheless, what are the factors that have resulted in this?

Director Tatsunori Hara, a giant who shows a dull look on the bench
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Hanshin, who was one of the candidates for the championship, was late for the opening nine consecutive losses. The giant also continued to win steadily in the first month of the season due to the success of new players, but eventually injured people continued to increase their savings. In that gap, Yakult raised a white star from the giant Hanshin.

Tatsuro Hirooka, who played an active part as a short in the Giants V9 era, took command at Yakult and Seibu after retirement, won the league four times, and won the number one in Japan three times, is indignant as a giant OB.

Yakult’s team management capabilities

“Yakult was appointed last year while taking a good rest from Noboru Shimizu, the king of Hold, because the director is from a pitcher, and he is using a good pitcher as a middle reliever. On the contrary, Kota Nakagawa is injured by the giant. Even though I’m out of the game, I think the coach and coach don’t have a logical vision. Even if I take one bunt, I don’t think it’s putting pressure on the opponent. “

Hirooka has a track record of improving pitchers and climbing to the top in Japan when he was a Yakult coach, so there is no choice but to mention the kitchen situation of the giant.

“In the director’s field, I can’t see the idea of ​​nurturing people in this way. If young players and veterans treat young players and veterans in the same way and like new things, what should the old people do? It can’t be helped if you think you don’t know how to guide the veteran’s departure. “

Veterans have a veteran role. Hirooka has the pride of reviving Koichi Tabuchi and Hiroyuki Yamazaki, who were once said to be Rotorsters in Seibu.

“Yakult won the championship last year thanks to Nori Aoki. He played a part in the outfield and put together a team as a veteran. The young team has momentum, but the veteran’s power in an emergency is still great. I was deregistered due to a defect, but since I returned, I have been giving numbers firmly. The appearance of veterans struggling to enliven the team. “



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