Table tennis. French Championship: Félix Lebrun and Laurent Cova take the doubles

It constitutes the future. After winning the national tournaments in all the youth categories, Félix Lebrun (n°10, Istres), 15, won his first title in the senior category, this Saturday June 25, at the Vendéspace in Mouilleron-le-Captif, in Vendée. In the company of his partner Laurent Cova, 25 (n°25, Montpellier), the table tennis player was crowned in the men’s doubles.

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The pair won the final against Antoine Hachard (n°5, Caen) and Benjamin Brossier (n°15, Annecy) 3 sets to 0. “We didn’t think we were going to get the title”, they confessed after their victory. Their pair started in the table only seeded n°8. “We knew it was strong in front, we tried to play on their weak points, and it worked very well”they continued.

Félix Lebrun will also play this Sunday, June 26 the semi-finals in the individual table against his own brother, Alexis (n ° 2, Montpellier). “We are in the same hotel, so we will sleep togetherquipped the principal concerned. We’ll discuss it together, and we’ll see what happens. » It promises.

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