Swimming introduces stricter restrictions on transgender people in Olympic sports / Article

Restrictions will only apply to top-level competitions, such as the World Championships and the Olympic Games, where FINA sets eligibility criteria. National federations, on the other hand, can accept their own conditions for the participation of transgender women in local competitions.

FINA agreed to continue working to establish an open competition test, where all swimmers could participate in individual competitions. Proponents of the restrictions insisted that men gain physical benefits after puberty that persist after gender reassignment and even hormone therapy. Opponents of the restrictions, on the other hand, believe that there are not enough studies to prove the advantage of transgender people in women’s competition.

The new FINA terms were developed with the help of a working group of athletes, independent scientific and transpersonal experts, and human rights and legal experts. FINA stated that all the best available statistical, scientific and medical evidence on the physical capacity of the sexes in sport and the benefits for men had been examined.

The ban imposed by FINA will prevent Liai Tomasa, a transgender woman who has won the US Student Sports (NCAA) Championship, from taking part in top-level competitions. Her success sparked a wide-ranging debate on balancing inclusion and equity in sport.

The transgender who has become a man is not affected by the FINA restrictions and will be able to start as usual.

Last November, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced a decision to leave the question of the eligibility of transgender membership to each international federation. However, the IOC added that until evidence is obtained, athletes should not be disaggregated by gender identity status.

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