Student Championships award ceremony. The winning schools in Messina, Barcelona and Milazzo

At Palazzo Zanca the students of the 1st and 2nd grade schools in the province of Messina were awarded in the disciplines: badminton, athletics, tennis

MESSINA – In the prestigious setting of the Salone delle Bandiere in Palazzo Zanca, the award ceremony for the Student Championships took place, in which the 1st and 2nd grade School Institutions took part in the school year that is ending. . An edition characterized not only by the massive participation of students, but also by a renewed enthusiasm, after the forced stop of two years, caused by the Covid pandemic.

To do the honors the Provveditore Stello Vadalà who, in his introductory speech, underlining the importance of Sports and Motor Activities in the School, wished both the strengthening of the same activities, and a decisive adaptation of the structures to be entrusted to the teachers and students.

“Unfortunately, there are few Institutes with spaces that we can define as real sports facilities, gyms or fields. In most cases, it is the passion and professionalism of the teachers that make up for these shortcomings. I hope – continued Vadalà – a full synergy of intentions between this office and the competent local authorities for an adequate strengthening of school sports facilities, as well as the possible use of the sports facilities of all the municipalities of our province “.

Returning to the activities, they were planned and implemented by the Provincial Body for Sport at School chaired by the Superintendent Vadalà himself, in collaboration with the Coordinator of the Physical and Sports Education Office, Vincenza Collorà, with the Coordinator for the school of the structure. territorial “Sport and Health” of Messina, Alfredo Cannavo, and with the Head of the Italian Paralympic Committee, Francesco Giorgio.


Among the winners stands the ITT “Majorana” Milazzo team that in Badminton became Italian Champion in the national finals which took place in Rovereto and Folgheria. Composed by Rumesh Adikari, Davide Salmeri, Luca Pio Napoli and Danilo Lipari, it was led by the teacher Sergio Minniti, and accompanied by the Headmaster of the “Majorana”, Rinaldo Nunzio Anastasi. Majorana after having dominated the provincial and regional stages, won the title by overcoming the representatives of Liguria, Umbria, Trentino, Piedmont and, in the final, Emilia-Romagna. The satisfaction of Provveditore Vadalà, who headed the Mamertine institute until last March, was also great.


And again, in Palermo, the team of the IC “Capuana” of Barcellona PG, led by the teacher Maurizio Torre and by the manager Carmela Pino, won the Regional title of Track Athletics. In particular, in the Cadet category he also took part in the national finals which took place in Pescara.

In detail, these are the results:

80 floors, first place D’Amico Samuele 10.37
80 obstacles, second place Fugazzotto Dario 14.11
1000 meters, second place L ‘Avalli Rayan
Long jump, third place Mirabile Antonino 4.32 ϖ m
Vortex third place, Maklhof Otman with 43 meters and 47 cm
High jump, sixth place From Campo Andrea m. 1.25
Relay 4 × 100 second place, for Da Campo, Fugazzotto, Mirabile and D’Amico in 54 seconds.


Two regional titles in Tennis, one in the women’s sector and one in the men’s one, were won in Palermo by the Messina teams who were awarded by the provincial Fit Delegate Roberto Branca.

The women’s team of the IC “San Francesco di Paola” composed of Erika Fede, Luisana Cavallaro and Viola Saccà, with the teachers Renato Dispensieri and Giorgio La Spina, the male team of the IC “Boer – Verona Trento” with the players Tancredi Messina, Sergio Alveario, Francesco Previti, Matteo Artemisia and Pietro Vermiglio, with teachers Sandro Gulino and Danilo Lo Faro.

Finally, a particular recognition also went to Cristina Cavaletti who, for several years, was the Coordinator of the Physical Education Office of the Superintendent. She retired since last September 1st, she received a plaque from the Provveditore Stello Vadalà.



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