Street Football Move arrives tomorrow at Alfândega da Fé

The “Street Football Move” of the Bragança Football Association starts tomorrow in Alfândega da Fé.

The project is financed by UEFA, in fact it was the only Portuguese project approved by the body that manages European football, and involves the 12 municipalities in the district of Bragança and the School Groups.

The initiative aims to reach children aged between 5 and 15 years and encourage the practice of sports, in order to combat a sedentary lifestyle. “According to data from the European Commission, children tend not to get involved in sports, contrary to what happened in the past, as they find other ways to spend their free time, namely with digital games. Hence the name ‘Street Football Move’ which encourages movement, the practice of sport”, explained Paulo Araújo, responsible for international projects at AF Bragança.

Street football is a way of attracting athletes, but it is not the main objective of the project. “The growth in the number of athletes will always be a consequence of the project. The main objective is to provide informal sports to the younger ones”, he stressed.

In addition to street football games, the initiative also has an environmental component in which “children are made aware of the preservation of the environment, namely the separation of waste”, he added.

The initiative starts at 2:30 pm, at the Alfândega da Fé School Group.

The “Street Football Move” was one of 42 applications, among more than 400, approved by UEFA and the only Portuguese one. Street Football Move is a two-year project, with an expense co-funded by UEFA of 100 thousand euros, and aims to reach, per year, five thousand children in the district of Bragança.



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