Stopper Endl promoted. He will be grateful for every minute against Andorra at the stadium, where he celebrated the progress with Brno

How do you enjoy your first meeting of the national team of twenty-one?

At the age of twenty, we played a winning duel with Croatia in Líšeň and we all knew that we had a chance to get here before the match with Andorra. I am very glad that the choice fell on me as well and that I can also help the twenty-one.

Is it better for the first time that you have out of twenty more?

Clearly. But I also know a lot of guys who have played for a selection under the age of 21 before. I’m getting to know the others quickly.

What is it like to live in a hotel in the city where you live?

We are staying near the dam, it’s nice here. And I live at the opposite end of Brno … (smile)

Do you believe that the coach will give you a chance against Andorra?

I will be grateful for every minute on the field. Especially at the stadium, where I also play league matches. However, I am happy to accept any role.

Andorra has a weaker paper team, can that make your debut easier?

Maybe yes. However, we must not underestimate our opponents. In addition, I have already found out during training that the twenty-one is something completely different from the twenty in which I have worked so far. The pace is much higher.

Will your loved ones come to support you from the auditorium on Monday?

Of course. Family, friends and acquaintances arrive. I register quite a few people interested in tickets. I believe that we will defeat Andorra and leave a good impression. The 21 play in Brno qualifies after a long time, maybe a lot of people will come to see it.

How did you enjoy Zbrojovka’s recent progress celebrations?

It was great. The atmosphere at the stadium was absolutely perfect during the last match of the second league with Tábor.

Did you manage to rest at all after the season?

I only had a short time off. I enjoyed it with my family and friends. I’m not complaining, the representation is not rejected.

And on Thursday you will report to the first training of Zbrojovka?

Yes. Although coach Dostálek and I considered joining the summer training later, we finally agreed that it would be better if I completed it with the team from the beginning.

Do you believe that you will win a place in the basic line-up of Brno?

Of course, I would like to board as much as possible. I already have some experience from the first league, so I would like to use it.

And you probably hope that Zbrojovka will do better among the elite this time than last season, right?

Of course. Nobody wants to allow another descent. I think the management of the club is already looking after it this time, and we will have a team of enough quality to settle permanently in the first league.



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