Stephen Curry and the temptation of the Paris Olympics

With this 4th NBA championship title and this Finals MVP trophy, Stephen Curry has locked his record in the NBA, and no one will doubt his place among the best players in history. On the international level, Stephen Curry already has two world champion titles, acquired in 2010 and 2014, and he only lacks one medal, the most beautiful and the most prestigious: Olympic gold.

Shortlisted for each Olympiad, he had declined the invitation. Like last year when he preferred to take a break after two seasons marked by the Covid: “It’s always a bit tempting to play the Olympics, but it wasn’t the right time for me. »

But this time, and when he will be 36 in 2024, he thinks about it strongly, and others are there to remind him. On the very evening of the victory against the Celtics, Steve Kerr had gently put pressure on him.

« He still misses an Olympic gold medal. And I think he should really focus on making the Olympic team in 2024. That’s the last thing he misses in his career. Sorry but I couldn’t help it laughed the new coach of Team USA.

“I’m not done because I have to play for Coach Kerr in 2024 in Paris”

Then it was the turn of Grant Hill, new manager of the American selection. ” He reminded me that I don’t have an Olympic gold medal said Stephen Curry on ESPN. ” As he is now at the head of Team USA, he has started his recruitment for 2024. He makes sure that I show humility. Him and Coach Kerr. »

Finally, during the parade of the Warriors, the point guard again raised the subject. ” I’m not done because I have to play for Coach Kerr in 2024 in Paris. It’s not an “I’ll do it”. It is he who says it. »

We are not talking about the 2023 World Cup where the United States will undoubtedly send an A ‘team. For 2024, if Stephen Curry is there, other superstars will undoubtedly want to accompany him. We think of the new generation like Ja Morant, Zion Williamson or Trae Young. There will be plenty to build a quality workforce to offer him this Olympic gold, under the orders of Steve Kerr, who took over from Gregg Popovich on the bench.



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