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Final kick of the BetPlay League 2022-I in Colombia. Tolima and NationalThe first star of the year is at stake, in the midst of a context that seems favorable for the purslane, who hope to maintain their two-goal lead to win a new star.

On the other side, Torres’ men trust and hope to have a magnificent night, which will not only allow them to turn the series around, but also reach the fourth league in the country. A player who had the privilege of going through both squads was Breiner Castillo.

The exporter is currently working in the minor divisions of the Antioquia team, who he hopes can achieve victory. In addition, he highlighted the virtues of those led by Hernán Torres.

Balance of Tolima in the League: I think that what Hernán has been doing in Tolima is worthwhile. A great job of three years, in three finals in a row is not easy. Beyond the title, because the champion is always recognized, Tolima is meritorious, it has been spectacular. They have a great year, with Libertadores. They are in a difficult key with Flamengo. Let’s wait how all this ends, but they have done a great job.

The key of Tolima to be able to tie and trace the series: The clearest thing is that you must take risks. Two goals under is a big advantage. You have to take risks, play, maybe they are not used to that. Blocks must be high, take risks behind your back.

Tolima with low and medium block does it well, he has players to make transitions. Although Silver cannot be, it is a team that picks up well and comes out quickly in transitions. That may not be so easy for you. In front there is a rival who proposes, generates danger. It’s going to be complicated, because they have to take risks and watch their backs because Nacional has good elements.

Necessary approach for National: surely they are going to play an intelligent game, it is not going back. Give the ball to the rival, because he will have the option to score. The team that has the ball will propose. Despite knowing how to defend themselves, Nacional has done well and is solid, has players to do damage, with technique, good possession of the ball. He also knows how to play long and direct.

They will also play smart, to attack. With the spaces left by the rival, he will try to do damage. One more goal in Ibagué can give them the victory.

Who will stay with the League?: my favorite, because I work at the club is Nacional. Where we are and we make strength from the minor divisions, there are many players from the youth academy who are there, playing. As trainers, it would be good and we are all with the club.

Domínguez’s fault or Candelo’s virtue: I would not think how to hold the goalkeeper responsible. One tries in this type of actions, when there are errors in decision making, is to ask the goalkeeper what was the perception of him. The play gave for a passing line and suddenly one would say, beyond the fact that he was several meters ahead, that he was more aware of that deep pass, with defensive coverage.

It is a decision that he should explain to her. From the outside they are just opinions. For me, it’s not his fault.

Sergio Cortes
FUTBOLRED Editorial Office



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