Sports Tolima played under protest by Giovanni Moreno’s alignment: what will happen to the points

Deportes Tolima played under protest by Giovanni Moreno’s alignment. What will happen to the points?

The first leg of the final of the first half of the BetPlay League in between National Athletic and Sports Tolima It is not only played on the soccer field, but also played on desktops. The team from the city of Ibagué announced that it played the match under protests and that it will ask the sports courts for the corresponding sanctions and points.

The ‘Tribe‘ ensures that the player’s alignment Giovanni Moreno it is irregular and is contrary to all the regulations of the championship. It is worth remembering that the player was sanctioned with two dates of suspension for the Disciplinary Commission of the championship after being recorded making fun of the fans of millionaires during the game of Home Run Semifinals who opted for the elimination of the team ‘ambassador’.

This prevented the player from being present at the match against Junior FCHowever, the commission He chose to suspend the sanction after Nacional filed an appeal for reconsideration where he promised, among other things, to execute some campaigns to compensate the player’s acts and promote the ‘Soccer in Peace’.

This was the statement published by Deportes Tolima

“Deportes Tolima informs the public that it is playing under protest due to the irregular alignment of the Atlético Nacional player, Giovanni Moreno. His inclusion is contrary to all championship regulations.

We respect the decisions of the sports courts and we are sure of the forcefulness of our arguments, so we not only denounce but also ask for the sanctions and points that the regulation contemplates in our favor.

Institutionality and legal certainty must prevail and we are going to recover it”.

We will have to wait for the decision of the Disciplinary Committee to find out if the demand for Sports Tolima prospers and with it the points are awarded to the whole ‘Pijao‘. This will only be known Friday June 24 after the meeting where the sanctions that will apply in the second leg that will be played on Sunday June 26 from 7 at night in the Manuel Murillo Toro Stadium.

This is the third time in the tournament that the suspension. The first time was at the beginning of the home runs when the penalty was suspended Metropolitan Stadium of Barranquilla after Junior will request to enable the stands for the match of the first date before National Athletic. This was repeated with millionaires when the commission decided to suspend the western stand due to incidents in the match against Junior, however the sanction was suspended, which led to the resignation of the members of the commission.

National Athletic defeated this Wednesday by 3-1 Sports Tolima with a great goal from the center of the pitch on the side Yerson Sectionin the first leg of the final of the Opening Tournament, which will be defined in Ibagué next Sunday.

In addition to Cándelo’s goal, the Verdolaga team equalized with a goal from their other side, Danovis Bangueroand defined in the match at the last minute with a goal from Andrés ‘el Rifle’ Andrade, while the Red Wine and Gold he had gone ahead with a goal from the winger Anderson Plata in the stadium Atanasio Girardot of Medellin.


National Athletic: Kevin Wed; Yerson Candelo, Emanuel Olivera, Juan David Cabal, Danovis Banguero; Jhon Duque (m.46, Andrés Andrade), Sebastián Gómez, Dorlan Pabón (m.81, Alexander Mejía), Yeison Guzmán (m.58, Jarlan Barrera), Daniel Mantilla, and Jefferson Duque (m.90, Giovanni Moreno) . DT: Hernán Darío Herrera.

Sports Tolima: Alexander Dominguez; Jonathan Marulanda, Julián Quiñones, José Moya, Junior Hernández; Brayan Rovira, Rodrigo Ureña, Anderson Plata (m.65, Luis Miranda), Daniel Cataño (m.66, Yohandry Orozco), Andrés Ibargüen, and Michael Rangel (m.66, Juan Fernando Caicedo). DT: Hernan Torres.


Goals: 0-1, m.22: Anderson Silver. 1-1, m.43: Danovis Banguero. 2-1, m.70: Yerson Candelo. 3-1, m.90+2: Andrew Andrade.

Referee: Colombian Éder Vergara. He admonished Cataño, Cabal, Rovira, Quiñones and Ureña.

Incidents: first leg of the Colombian league final played at the Atanasio Girardot stadium in Medellín.




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