Sports season 2022-2023: Renaissance Basketball Club is methodically active

This Sunday 26 June 2022, Renaissance Basketball Club carried out its second clinic as a prelude to the sports season 2022-2023. Initiated in the place of his trainers, what a clinic, which aims to review the notions of coaching and strengthen skills, was held at the Soweto Municipal Sports Center in Dédokpo. Like the first day of the clinic, the work took place under the leadership of Coach Coffi Pierre TONON in a friendly atmosphere. On this occasion, the main axes of the new season, in particular the planning parameters, have been defined. Objective achieved for President Alex Paraïso, place for recovery in the ranks of Renaissance Basketball Club players.

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Who wants to go far, take care of your mount, it is said ! Renaissance Basketball Club remains true to its vision and commitment. The dynamic imparted by President Alex Paraïso, to do things professionally, to go step by step for very conclusive results, continue. Renaissance Basketball Club goes about it methodically. That is why, very early, the club has launched its preparation for the new sports season 2022-2023. A reinforcement clinic for its coaches to begin this preparatory phase. This is what all the coaches of the Renaissance Basketball Club have been working on. At this stage, they spent unique moments, intense, and strong. They have deepened their understanding of the different techniques in order to perfect the individual and collective techniques of their players..

Coffi Pierre TONON, a proven and experienced trainer for fortified trainers

On the menu, review of concepts, exercises, teachings of values, sharing of theoretical and practical knowledge, experience sharing, sports season planning. All wasindeed, the appointment. Coach Coffi Pierre TONON placed particular emphasis on two sets of skills including the attacking system on the move and man-to-man defense.

Very attentive, coaches behave well. They showed great interest in the content of elements that were at the heart of the clinic. For them, the initiative is very commendable and they are happy to have taken advantage of it to better strengthen themselves. This is confirmed by coach Christian Quenum who is responsible for, the Renaissance BBC men’s team : “Generally, the clinic went well and I have a very good appreciation”. It’s up to coach Pierre Coffi TONON to go one better. “Renaissance Basketball Club coaches are really very excited to receive the information. That is to say, they have the passion to live this. I will say, those are people who are in need and who are happy to experience this…I would say that the objective has been achieved. Because we were able to do our clinic. The themes that have been chosen come from the difficulties that our teams have experienced during the past championship. It is therefore to correct these shortcomings for a while that we held this clinic”, did he declare.

Evrard Fulgerale for Mega Sports

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