Sport in the region: The “Domi Ziel” team takes part in the Special Olympics

ST. POLTEN. The eighth Special Olympics are currently taking place. A St. Pöltner team also takes part.

The anticipation is huge. The Special Olympics are currently taking place in Burgenland. Also present: a team from St. Pölten. Team “Domi Ziel” would like to snag a few medals again this year.

We look forward to it

Verena Toner is a trainer in the Domi Ziel team. She reports to the district newspapers: “Of course we are all looking forward to the national games in Burgenland.” According to the trainer, the chances of actually winning one or the other medal are good: “We’ve been around for a relatively long time: since 2010. Since then we’ve actually always been able to achieve very good results.” This year, six athletes from the St. Pöltner team are taking part. “Our team has extreme ball skills,” praised the coach.

The starting gun

The spectacular event starts on June 23rd. The “Domi Ziel” team is well prepared. The 8th National Special Olympics Summer Games will continue until Tuesday, June 28th.

The exciting process

The host communities are well prepared. The riding competitions and golf will take place in Stegersbrach. Bowling is played in Parndorf. Pinkafeld, on the other hand, is dedicated to the athletics competitions and in Großpetersdorf the volleyball training camp and the 4,000-meter run as part of the “Charity Night Run” will take place.



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