Spectacular! Tai Tzu Ying Succeeds in Badminton, Also Wins Doctoral Degree


Taiwan women’s singles Tai Tzu Ying amaze. This can not be separated from his achievements in badminton and education which successfully earned him a doctorate.

Yes, Tai Tzu Ying did just win the women’s singles match in the tournament Indonesia Open 2022. This title is the third time for him. Previously, Tai Tzu Ying also recorded the same score in 2016 and 2018.

But there are other things that make him even more special, Tai Tzu Ying won his third degree when he also completed his third degree education at Taipei University, majoring in sports science and that was on June 9 or before the Indonesia Open was held at Istora Gelora Bung Karno (GBK).

So how does he divide his time?

“Of course it’s not easy for time because sometimes the times collide. I have to go back and forth to consult with the lecturer. And I have a request to the lecturer to study online, and it’s more efficient for me,” said Tai Tzu Yingat his press conference.

“Then in order to continue to study, I also have to ask a lot of help from the lecturers so that my lectures are finished in terms of lessons,” he continued.

Tai Tzu Ying himself considered education very important to him. Although, he personally does not know when he can apply the knowledge.

“For me this title is very important because in Taiwan it is rare for anyone to take doctoral studies and compete. I thank my university for helping me complete my studies while I compete,” he said.

So what else will Tai Tzu Ying pursue after completing his doctorate?

“Not yet,” said Tai Tzu Ying.

“When it comes to stopping playing I don’t know yet. I’ll just take care of my health and try to play as hard as I can,” Tai Tzu Ying emphasize.

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