Spartak Moscow fired from Bayern’s ridiculous offer for Mane

According to British media, the 30 million offer that Bayern sent to the Islands was divided into two parts. Twenty-three million in advance and another seven in bonuses. Liverpool would only receive the full amount if the Bavarians won the Champions League three times in a row and Mané won the Golden Ball.

These reports did not escape the PR team of Spartak Moscow, which fired from the whole situation and wrote a parody letter from the perspective of Bayern’s management. “We would like to get your player Alexander Sobolev,” begins writing about the striker and one of the biggest stars of the Russian club.

“We offer you 1000 euros in advance with the following bonuses: 10 million euros if Bayern wins the Eurovision Song Contest. 15 million euros if Manchester United wins the trophy. 20 million euros if Lionel Messi moves to Real Madrid. Sincerely, FC Bayern Munich. “

The whole letter ended with a fake signature that looks like it was “scratched” by a child.

The Liverpool Champions League finalist reportedly asks for at least € 50 million, while the Transfermarkt web portal, which focuses on transfers, claims that the value of an African sniper is as high as 80 million.



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