Someone is building the worst possible stadium at MLB The Show

A few weeks ago, we told you about the crazy project of the Youtuber Frosti.

The latter had designed a team of players with a rating of 99 in order to slaughter a team of players with a rating of 0 at NHL 22.

Frosti’s weird brain has done it again but this time with MLB game The Show.

He decided to create the worst baseball stadium possible… and he succeeded!

Before presenting the whole thing to you on video, here are some screenshots of the Pain and Suffering Stadium in Flint, Michigan.

17,000 lights illuminate the infield only. The flyers see nothing.

Photo credit: Frosti / Youtube

The Brown Monster from right field is 500 feet from home plate.

Photo credit: Frosti / Youtube

Stands behind a gigantic scoreboard so that spectators miss the action without knowing any information about the match.

Photo credit: Frosti / Youtube

A burger restaurant with a field of cows right next to it. You can choose the cow you want to see transformed into a burger. The smell must be special for the spectators…

Photo credit: Frosti / Youtube

Dozens of locomotives are ready to smash into the opposing team’s field and dugout as “celebrations” at any time.

Photo credit: Frosti / Youtube

Truly, a masterpiece that you can admire in its entirety in this video:

Choose the word you want to describe everything. But it’s either ‘wow’ or ‘yark’. There is no in-between!



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