Soccer. Pelissier approaching FC Sochaux at the start of an intense week?

Shock at the top, series of meetings, play-offs… There were “decisive” weeks at the FCSM in 2022. And the one that happens, even if it does not include a match, nevertheless deserves such a qualifier. This Friday, June 24, the professional workforce of FC Sochaux resumes training. With what staff? Omar Daf joined Dijon with Stephane Mangione and his physical trainer Antoine Helterlin. Without forgetting the doctor Fabrice Michel who is soon flying to Monaco.

Pelissier approaching?

Behind the scenes, management is no doubt very active in finding a solution. Before the Parisians of Sochaux , general manager Samuel Laurent and chairman Frankie Yau spoke of “plans A and B” for the coaching job. Christophe Pelissier would be the priority track. However, this Sunday, June 19, the daily newspaper Ouest France, announce that Lorient will soon give the reins of the Hakes to Régis Le Bris, until now director of the training center. And that President Loïc Féry whistled on Saturday evening the end of the collaboration with Pelissier two years from the end of his contract. Dismissal which could cost the club € 3.5 million including the precise assistants West France.

“Christophe Pelissier’s assistants (Jean-Marie Stéphanopoli, Julien Outrebon, Olivier Lagarde) should also go in the luggage of the outgoing coach”, details the daily , good information for the Doubian club to know, even if things are far from being done. Candidates on the bench have come out of the woodwork like Olivier Guegan or the former FCSM player and coach Mehmed Baždarević.

Those market suites?

In any case, Sochaux must also continue its transfer window. Other new faces than those of Yoël Armougom Daylam Meddah et Roli Pereira de Sa will they be visible on recovery? . With the passage in front of the DNCG scheduled for Thursday and the change of coach to be made, there is no certainty on this side. But in any case, we are also waiting for the great center forward announced.

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Finally, apart from those whose end of the Sochaux adventure has already been recorded, can there be other departures soon? A player like Alan Virginius, whose rating was already high and who has just achieved a great performance with the Blueberries strong risk of receiving proposals. And Weissbeck’s future is still unclear. In short, the days to come are looking… hot.



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