Should the Cowboys try to trade Tyron Smith?

Even though the Cowboys won’t be in Oxnard until the end of July, news of possible rumors that have been circulating is still coming in. Among them, the possible exchange of veteran Tyron Smith. The Cowboys’ left tackle is already 31 years old and has an injury history that doesn’t help him at all. However, when Tyron is at his peak, he is one of the best role models at his position in the entire NFL.

As mentioned, one of the details of interest is the left tackle’s recent injuries. If you make a trade for the offensive lineman, the intention would be to obtain some element of the Draft for this action. In fact, there is talk of the possibility of seeking at least a third-round pick for the tackle. Very similar to the Trent Williams trade when he was in Washington for the 49ers in 2020, where the Cowboys’ division rivals received a fifth-round pick in that year’s Draft and a third-round pick the following season.

A very similar case was experienced by Duane Brown when he went from the Texans to the Seahawks in the middle of the 2017 campaign. They ended up trading him for a fifth-round pick for the following year’s Draft and for a second-round pick in 2019. What they have in common both OTs with Smith’s situation is that Williams was 31 and Brown was 32 at the time of their respective trades.

In that case, one team that might be interested in Smith’s services would be the Steelers. After all, Pittsburgh took quarterback Kenny Pickett in the first round of the 2022 Draft. If they’re looking to use him as a starter, they’re going to need all the help they can get when it comes to protecting him. On the left they have Dan Moore Jr., but his performance hasn’t been adequate and they are likely looking for a veteran to fill that spot.

Either way, Cowboys first-round pick Tyler Smith can’t be left out either. The rookie arrived with the objective of filling the position of left guard, since he had been absent after the departure of Connor Williams to the Miami Dolphins. However, Stephen Jones didn’t rule out the idea that Tyler would eventually move to left tackle. So the Tulsa college kid could have the position in the short to medium term. Of course, waiting for what is decided with the future of Tyron Smith.

At the moment, the big detail is that Tyron has once again been dealing with discomfort during organized activities. The first thing that was reported about it is that the OT had problems in his lower back. Looking at his record in more detail, he has already missed a total of 20 games in his last two seasons. And apart from this, since the 2016 season he has not been present in all the games.

Speaking of the economic aspect, Tyron will be charging a total of 13.5 million dollars for this season, while for 2023 it will be an amount of 13.6. While it’s not a number the organization can’t cover, it’s still a lot of money compared to Tyler Smith’s four-year, $13.4 million rookie deal.

Putting the pieces in place, it all suggests the Cowboys already have their left tackle of the future in Tyler Smith. If by bad luck, the Cowboys might not see themselves in very high places between now and October during the regular season, the possibility of trading Tyron could not be ruled out. After all, they might have another new addition for next year who can help the team hit the targets. For now, these are all rumors and possibilities, but perhaps this is something that the offices may be evaluating for the coming months.



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