Shortly after, his companion Malore, fatal for an architect, dies – Chronicle

A story that resembles a tragedy of Aeschylus and that in these hours is upsetting Piancastagnaio. The story of Margie Iannilli, 46, and Fabio Pareti, 56, shared until the end in Porto Santo Stefano and painfully followed in Piancastagnaio, Margie’s hometown where many of her family still live. Margie lived until her youth in the village where she carried out many activities, especially sports, in particular in the judo kwai gym where over the years she had some national successes as in recent days her friends of tatami mats have remembered, especially Leonardo Angelini. Margie in Porto Santo Stefano hadn’t put on her shoes. Until the day he was diagnosed with an incurable disease. Her illness, and the courage with which he started her battle had sparked many reflections in her that she loved to share on her social networks. Then, a few months ago, the resurgence of the terminal illness and her death, which took place last Friday. A news that shocked the citizens that many of her went to pay homage to her at the Orbetello hospital. Comrade Fabio Pareti, respecting Margie’s will, had decided to remember with a Mass at the Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Pietro in Piancastagnaio. In the village everything was ready for the celebration that was to be held at the church where Margie had lived in the oratory next door the most beautiful years of her childhood. Many friends from Porto Santo Stefano would also have participated. But yesterday an illness ended the life of Fabio Pareti at the age of 56. In a message addressed to the hundreds of people who had expressed pain for Margie, Fabio had expressed the desire to resume after 4 months in which he had been next to his partner to work and be next to the children. But the great pain killed him.

Giuseppe Serafini



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