Shock for biathlon beauty. The wheel flew away, she suffered ugly scars

“If your wheel falls when you go downhill,” she wrote on the nets about the photos of her training equipment damaged, as well as her abrasions on her hands, feet, and face.

The 32-year-old Wierer, who took her time after the season to decide on her career and is now preparing with the Italian men’s team, is far from the first biathlon star to crash on wheels in the summer. Last August, Nor Tarjei Boe even fell twice and suffered abrasions on his arms, legs, face and abdomen. He then talked about happiness and encouraged colleagues to wear a helmet.

This year, Fin Otto Invenius had an awkward time on wheels, a 21-year-old racer lost two teeth in an accident, had heavy bleeding and lost consciousness for about a minute.

Norwegian Karoline Knotten suffered a fall while riding for a change. She ended up in the hospital with a pursed and swollen face, an injured shoulder, and a minor memory loss.



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