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The Colombian singer Shakira and the Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué announced their separation after 12 years and since then, the causes of that break have been the subject of conversation on social networks.

The impact that the separation has generated is enormous, especially for the player, to whom the Barcelona coach, Xavi Hernández, announced that he will not take it into account this season.

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The new details that were revealed about Piqué’s infidelity

Piqué’s infidelity is the cause of the end of the marriage with Shakira and new details of what happened are known every day. The Spanish entertainment program Socialité, which is broadcast on the Telecinco channel, revealed several of the tricks that the footballer used to hide.

According to the note issued this weekend, Piqué was looking for a way to go unnoticed, which is why he never used any of his cars, but instead traveled by taxi.

In addition, Socialité assured that a bar called La Traviesa was the preferred place for his adventures and that his lover would work there. Piqué would not go alone: ​​at his side would have attended, on several occasions, another Barcelona footballer, Riqui Puig.

To avoid detection, Piqué never entered through the main entrance, but instead had access through a side door. And besides, he had already prepared a kind of private room in which only he decided who could enter and which was surrounded by red curtains.

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Cell phones were prohibited at Piqué parties

A few days ago, the Ecuadorian influencer Luciana Guschmer had published a video on TikTok in which she said that a model had invited her to one of these parties and that it was forbidden to enter them with cell phones.

“He told me the reasons why they didn’t let you use your cell phone in these places, because there were many players who went and took drugs or consumed too much alcohol and if that went viral it could have a repercussion for the club”, Guschmer assured.

In the Socialité note they also interviewed a paparazzi, Jordi Martín, who assured that, although Piqué has been going out for a long time, those of recent times are much more scandalous.

“I’ve been following him for 12 years, and he’s well known in Barcelona, ​​the parties he throws… But they point out to me that lately he’s out of date, spending a lot of time partying with his partner Riqui Puig”, Martin declared.

“He is spending indecent amounts of money in nightclubs and restaurants until the wee hours of the morning. It varies depending on the day, but from what they tell me, he spends at least 2,000 euros every day, from 2,000 euros and up, but of course, those amounts for Gerard Piqué are laughable, ”he added.

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Piqué traveled in the last few hours to Stockholm (Sweden) to address work issues related to Kosmos Global Holding, the sports marketing company that the player created in 2017. There, according to Socialité, he again appeared at a party where he was He was accompanied by a blonde woman, for which the speculations began again.

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Piqué’s constant parties seem to affect his football career. Xavi Hernández told him that he had to put his intimate life in order and the club is willing to hire another first-rate central defender.




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