Seven-year-old cute baby in judo level 9 can smash 150-pound father to the ground with one shoulder pass jqknews

Original title: Seven-year-old cute baby judo level 9 can smash 150-pound father to the ground with one shoulder

Today’s children have signed up for a lot of interest classes, and it can be said that they are successful in painting, chess, calligraphy and painting. There are also some children who have practiced martial arts and even taekwondo and judo since childhood, not only in good health but also very safe. Recently, a video of a 17-year-old cute baby throwing her 150-pound father to the ground with an over-the-shoulder fall has drawn praise from netizens.

It is reported that the seven-year-old girl from Beijing has now passed the judo level 9. Her father is a national coach, and it is under his influence that her daughter has practiced judo since she was a child.

Recently, a video of two people practicing judo on the beach unexpectedly became popular on the Internet, attracting many likes from netizens. On the same day, with the cooperation of her father, the seven-year-old cute baby successfully threw her 150-pound father on the beach. The scene was really shocking. Father He Xin also hopes that his daughter can continue to train well in the future.

Here, the editor wants to say that such children are really excellent, and I hope that the majority of parents can take good care of their children and let them have skills.


@paintalla: excellent other people’s children

@Mars Earth: I also want to raise my children like this

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