Ševčík wants to show off at his home stadium. Speculation about the transfer has not yet been resolved

What do you expect from a duel with an outsider of the group, who will not change anything in your second place, which provides the September playoffs?

It’s absolutely great for me to play on the field where I feel at home. I will have family, other relatives, friends and acquaintances in the auditorium. Some teammates from Zbrojovka will also come to see it. That’s why I want to enjoy the match. Maybe a lot of spectators will come. We will do our best to make them happy with their performance and results. Just because we know in advance that we will stay second in the table does not mean that we lack motivation.

Photo: Václav Pancer, ČTK

From left: David Jurásek and Folarin Balogun from England.Photo: Vaclav PancerČTK

In Andorra you won clearly 3: 0 …

We will want to follow up on this at home. I wish we could score a leading goal right away to catch the fans.

You recently started in Líšeň in a winning match with Croatia even for the national team of 20. How do you manage the demanding program with which you extended the season in which you and Brno advanced back into the elite?

After the second league, I had a few days off. I managed a short vacation in Turkey. It is true that I have had more time off in recent years. This time I even finished school. The leadership of the national team came to my aid. I’m young, so I have no problem handling it all … (smile).

It hasn’t been that long since speculation has arisen about your possible transfer to Sparta. Are they true?

I know about them, but I haven’t noticed anything specific. That’s why I’m not even dealing with it now. Now I am concentrating on Monday’s 21st match with Andorra and then on Brno, with which I will start summer training on Thursday. We have advanced, and I am already looking forward to the league.

Photo: Václav Pancer, ČTK

From left Curtis Jones from England and Jan Žambůrek from the Czech Republic.Photo: Vaclav PancerČTK

Do you take it that after the transition from the second league to the first, it will be better for you to play for Zbrojovka, in which you have already built a strong position at the age of nineteen?

Yes. But of course I have no idea what the coming weeks will bring.

The Brno coach Dostálek allegedly offered you that you can join the training a few days later …

It is so. I couldn’t join it until next Monday. But I decided I wanted to be with the team from the beginning. I can rest at thirty-five … (laughs).

Photo: Pancer Václav, ČTK

In the duel for the ball (from left) Tomáš Čvančara and Benjamin Johnson from England.Photo: Pancer VaclavČTK

On Sunday morning, the Czech MMA wrestler Jiří Procházka, with whom you and other Brno footballers recently met, won the title in the most prestigious fighting organization, the UFC. Did you watch his battle with Brazilian Teixeira?

No, but I wish him the title very much. All the more so because we met in person. I support all Czech athletes, but I’m not a big fan of martial arts to get up so much. But right after waking up, I wondered how it turned out. And I was very happy with his success.



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