Serie A: Hakan Calhanoglu etches against Ibrahimović: “He didn’t contribute anything” – Football

Spies between ex-colleagues!

Hakan Calhanoglu (28) moved from AC Milan to city rivals Inter in 2021. Goal: win the championship! It’s just stupid that the Rossoneri won the title that same season.

As a result, Calhanoglu endured a lot of ridicule. Including that of ex-colleague Zlatan Ibrahimović (40). Now the ex-Bundesliga star (HSV, Leverkusen) shoots back in an interview with the Turkish TV station “Tivibuspor”.

After winning the league, Ibrahimović was spotted shouting insults at Calhanoglu as AC Milan fans waved a doll bearing the Turkey international’s shirt, Football Italia reports.

In addition, the Swede had celebrated the championship title exuberantly – with champagne and cigar.

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Very cool: Ibrahimović celebrates the title with a cigarFoto: Getty Images

Now Calhanoglu “Tivibuspor” shoots back: “He’s a 40-year-old man, not 18, so I wouldn’t do something like that at his age. He just likes to be the center of attention. He hasn’t contributed to the Scudetto this season, he’s hardly played, but he’ll still do everything to be the center of attention.”

Calhanoglu informs against Ibrahimović! The two have always had a good relationship…

Calhanoglu: “He used to call me, wanted to go out to eat with me, ride around on his motorbike. I heard he mentioned me in his book. He had to do that, otherwise it would be an empty book.”

Ibrahimović was injured several times last season, but ultimately made 23 appearances in the league and contributed to the championship with eight goals and three assists. Towards the end, however, the 1.95 meter giant was only able to make short appearances.

Will there be a reunion on the pitch next season? Still unclear! Ibrahimović has to fight his way back after knee surgery and will be out for several months. However, one thing is clear: Both will do everything they can to climb the Scudetto next year! Especially Calhanoglu, who still couldn’t win.



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