Serie A definition change for the Italian champion | A series

The leagues of Europe have been characterized, in recent years, in handling an almost similar format. A long tournament and the one that finishes in the first box, is crowned champion of its respective League. This has changed in recent years, as some federations and competitions seek to make their events not only look more attractive to local fans, but also to those who join in the excitement, through television screens.

The tiebreaker methods are summarized to the difference goals and points, to determine who is the new monarch of each country. Now, in Italy, they want the final stretch and the definition, specifically, to have a new seasoning in this aspect.

The Italian Football Federation defined the new tiebreaker method, for those clubs that finish with the same number of points at the top of the table, it will no longer be defined by goal difference. Rather, those two clubs will go to a tiebreaker match, to define the champion of Serie A, in case of equality in units.

If equality persists in those final 90 minutes, everything will be defined through the launch from the penalty spot. The Premier League was one of the leagues where they were seeking to implement the above, but with a series of requirements that were previously fulfilled, the tiebreaker being the last item to define the champion.



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