Serie A Baseball, salvation poule: results, rankings and report of the fourth round


Cagliari wins again and is the only undefeated in Poule Salvezza after the defeat of Comcor Modena against Mediolanum New Rimini. Doubles for New Black Panthers and Big Mat BSC Grosseto who lead their respective groups in a weekend of many “draws”. Metalco Dragons and Longbridge are unlocked and the fight in the rear gets underway.


Group D1

Il Cagliari Baseball keeps perfect thanks to two successes against Ciemme Oltretorrente arrived with the results of 4-3 e 7-2. In race one the Sardinians dragged up the mountain by Murgia, after passing three points between the second (two-point double by Spanish) and the fifth inning, overturn the match in the fifth attack with a big inning inspired by Gabriele Angioi (also protagonist on the mound for the last six out) and continued by Pestana and Rodriguez. In race two he shines Javier Fandino that puts 13 strikeouts against the Parmesan attack. The formation of Walter Angioi passes in the third inning (Pestana’s single from two points), stretches in the fifth with Cuesta and, after having collected two points, signs the four points of the knockout in the lower part of the eighth.

Il Tecnovap Verona clears the field of Seventh with a brace in weight (11-1 in the seventh and 2-1). With no points after 4 innings, the blaze in Game 1 reaches the fifth inning with double Ramp (4RBI for him in game 1) to unlock the game and the 3-point home run David to create the decisive groove before the final single again by Rampo. On the mount egregious performance of Dario Look, which concedes one hit and eliminates six opponents from the pot. Battle also in the second game. Verona scores a point on the sixth (Orrasch hit with full bases) and seventh inning (single of Novello), while Settimo shortens in his seventh attack, but against the Scala relay on the platform (5 different pitchers employed) he stops. With the sweep of the Veronese, Settimo goes down to the penultimate place in cohabitation with the Oltretorrente and with only one length on the last place.

At the bottom of the ranking, in fact, the Metalco Dragons Castellana which is imposed in the match on Saturday night at the “Plebiscite” against Padova after the clear defeat in game 1. Six points in the seventh inning set the poster for the hosts (14-4 the end of the race1). Dragons forward 2-0 (double by Gianluca Sciacca e Michele Brunati) but between third and fourth the patavini (with a complete game of SmiliesValid 4 of Giacomazzi and 3 RBI per Fate e Medoro) manage to take off thanks to seven points before the final seventh inning. A brilliant Hector Martinez (8IP, 1R, 12K) guida i Dragons to success in race 2 for 7-1. In the third inning the triple of George Louis Franco he brings the two points to the cause of Castellana who no longer looks back and scores another 5 points to ensure victory. For the Dragons three valid and three points scored for Michele Brunati.

Group E1

Complicated weekend forEcotherm Brescia, home team at the “Gaspardis” in Ronchi dei Legionari. The Lombard formation surrenders to the New Black Panthers, who win 13-0 in the seventh inning in game 1 and 3-0 in the second match and become group leaders. In the first challenge, success comes thanks to the excellent performance of the launchers Francesco Nardi e Marco Pizzolini and to an attack of ten hits, four of which from extra bases (Serra closes 3-3, 2RBI and two doubles, 3 RBI for Stefano Berini). Three points to the eighth decide instead game 2 with the singles of Giulio da Re e Mario Miceu to extinguish Brescia’s hopes. On the platform Hector Rodriguez (14K in 8IP) wins the duel against Hector Poncewhile Pietro Stabile closes the game leaving the full bases Ecotherm which, due to the other results, loses ground from the opponents.

On Sunday, in fact, the Senago brings home an important victory in the away match against Platform-TMC Poviglio. First challenge with a great balance that the Lombards overturn in the eighth with 4 points scored. Below 3-4, the valid of Pistocchithe base on ball with charged bases for Betti and the single from two points of Armed turn the game upside down for Senago who scores again in ninth with another single by Pistocchi and nullify Poviglio’s answer, for which the 3 valid di’s are not enough Gastaldi, Ferrari e Nardi. Ends 8-6. The Emilians respond in race 2, with the award-winning company Medina (7IP, 12K, 1R)-Almora (2IP, 2R) which controls the clubs of the Senago, while the attack moves between the second and fourth inning the pawns that are worth the victory for 5-4. Decide triple the Gastaldi and validate them from a point of Guadagnino e Minariauthor of 4 valid in race 2. In Senago two points are not enough in the last two rounds.

Up for grabs divided also in Rovigo. L’Itas Mutua Rovigo is flawless in race 1 with 6 rounds and a valid conceded of Enrico Crepaldiwhile the attack works between the second and fourth innings with a couple of RBI’s Enrico Salvatore and the hits of Nosti and Buin for the 6-0 which then turns into 11-0 conclusive with the triple from 3 points of Bravo to seal the Venetian victory in 7 rounds. Answers the Sultan Cervignano which in the second game are imposed for 4-2. Three points in the first 4 innings on the starter De Marchi immediately hoist the guests ahead. Rovigo responds with a couple of points halfway through the game against Elijah Jimeneza guest starter, who, however, will be able to preserve the precious victory with a complete match of 8 strikeouts.

Group F1

Il Milan New Rimini snatches a victory from the Comcor Modena who runs into the first false step of the Poule Salvation. One-way game in race 1 which ends 12-1. The two big innings with 10 total points between the fourth and sixth inning are crucial Alex Russo (2-3, 3RBI) e Giorgio Tamburrini (1-2, RBI) protagonists of two triples. For Erik Soto comes the sixth success in the league. The hierarchies are reversed in the second challenge, in which 7 innings from one point immediately and 10 strikeouts of Eriel Carrillo direct the game in favor of the Rimini players who make use of 4 points in the opening shot and continue until 10-4 the final. 3 points beaten home for Cifalinò3 valid for Focchi and 3 points scored by Ruggeri give the Mediolanum a heavy success in the race to salvation.

Question and answer to the “Pillar” between OM Valpanaro Athletics Bologna e Ermes Sala Baganza Fountain. Race 1 balanced in spite of the final result of 10-2 for the guests, able to go forward in the first two innings at 2-0 but who make the real break with 4 points in the sixth and as many in the ninth with double Daraio (3-4, 2R, 3RBI) to complete the work initiated by the couple Pizzarotti (6IP, R)-Zambelli (3IP, R) on the platform. Starting from a Carlos Misell from 11 strikeouts in 6 rounds and from 3 valid Luca Accorsithe Athletics equalized the series, establishing themselves for race 2. I rushed unlocks the match with a hit in the first inning, scores the second point (in the first inning) and the fourth (in the sixth on the single Mirco Monda), then the valid of Vignali set the final score on the 5-0 and keeps everything unchanged in the F1 group.

Group G1

Double in ease for the Big Mat BSC Grosseto which exceeds theAcademy of Neptune with two wins before the limit and momentarily passes in the lonely lead of the group. In game 1, 3 points to the first and two “fours” respectively to the sixth and eighth close the accounts on 11-1 for the Tuscans. Sireus e Artitzu total 12 strikeouts on 8 shots, while the hits of Scull, Diaz and then the double from three points definitive of Milli the curtain falls. Attack of the Big Mat that restarts from where it stopped scoring 13 points in the first inning of game 2 (out of 9 valid including the triple from three points of Pasquini). The attack from Neptune tries to react, but the Grosseto team, also thanks to the 4 hits of Cinelli e you Function as well as the second triple of the game of Pasquinithey have no problem ending the match after 6 innings (22-8 the end).

In the other series of the weekend, on standby the outcome between Longbridge 2000 e Falcons Quarry Tower. At the end of a balanced game it is the Longbridge to pass in race one. It does so thanks to the providential relief of Luca Bortolotti and at a sacrifice sprint of Andrea Ferini in the upper part of the ninth inning after a local defensive error, which allows a Davide Marchi to move from first to third base. The Romagnoli were the first to unlock the match with two points in the second inning, then in the fourth inning the Bolognese tie with Marchi and Ferini. Finish 3-2 for the Emilians. The second game is played until 11.30pm when the game is interrupted by obscurity during the sixth inning on 7-5 in favor of the locals, authors of 6 points in the first three rounds with 2 RBI for Thomas Poggioli. The COG will give indications on the completion of the game which will be significant for the salvation speech.

The results of the fourth round of Poule Salvation

Gir. D1 – Cagliari – Ciemme Oltretorrente 4-3, 7-2; Padua – Metalco Dragons Castellana 14-4 (7 innings), 1-7; Seventh – Tecnovap Verona 0-11 (7 innings), 1-2.

Gir. E1 – Ecotherm Brescia – New Black Panthers 0-13 (7 innings), 0-3; Itas Mutual Rovigo – Sultan Cervignano 11-0 (7 innings), 2-4; Platform-TMC Poviglio – Senago 6-8, 5-4.

Gir. F1 – Mediolanum New Rimini – Comcor Modena 1-12 (7 innings), 10-4; OM Valpanaro Bologna Athletics – Fontana Ermes Sala Baganza 2-10, 4-0. Rest: Farma Crocetta

Gir. G1 – CSA Torre Pedrera Falcons – Longbridge 2000 2-3, suspended on 7-5; Sunday: Big Mat BSC Grosseto 1952 – Academy of Nettuno 11-1 (8 innings), 25-8 (6 innings). Rest: Hotsand Macerata


Gir. D1: Cagliari (8-0), 1.000; Padua (6-2), .750; Tecnovap Ver (5-3) .625; Ciemme Oltr and Settimo (2-6), .250; Metalco Cas (1-7), .125.

Gir. E1: NBP Ronchi (6-2) .750, Itas Mutua Rov, Platform TMC Pov (5-3), .625; Sultan Cerv (4-4) .500; Senago (3-5), .375; Ecotherm Bre (1-7) .125.

Gir. F1: Comcor Mod (5-1) .833; OM Valpanaro Bo (3-3), .500; Mediolanum Rim (3-4) .429; Cro Farm (2-3) .400; Fontana Ermes Sala B. (2-4), .333.

Gir. G1: Big-Mat Gr (7-1) .875; Hotsand Mc (5-1) 833; Academy Net (2-4) .333; Longbridge (1-4) .200; CSA T. P (0-5), .000.

In the attached photo of PhotoBass, a swing by Michele Brunati of Metalco Dragons Castelfranco