Serie A Baseball, results and recovery report of June 29th


In the first recovery challenge between Parmaclima e Camec Collecchiothe reigning European champion team won at the “Zinelli” of Collecchio for 15-1taking advantage of 11 points scored in the fourth inning.


Balanced game in the first three rounds with the two starters Mattia Aldegheri (Parma) and Matthias Zotti (Collecchio) which grant one point each. The single from a point of Mineo unlocks the game in the inaugural inning, while the draw comes from the club of Andrea Pasotto pushing home Alfieri with a single.

The turning point of the game comes to the fourth inning in which the Parmaclima lineup, thanks to the returns of Noel Gonzalez, Alex Sambucci e Giulio Rascal, change gear. Just Sambucci opens the forcing with a double which is the first of three consecutive hits that lead to 2-1, while Monello creates the first break with a 3-point double. After three batters, Collecchio calls Romano Bertolini to replace Zotti on the platform, but Mineo unforgiving and adds 2 RBI to his personal account with a valid one, then Astorri (single), Rascal (single) e Koutsoyanopulos (single from 2 points) increase the dose up to 12-1. In the sixth attack, a couple of local errors and double by two’s manuel joseph (3 out of 3 with 2 doubles) round off the score to 15-1 for an attack by Parmaclima which closes with 8 players out of 9 authors of at least one valid and a mound that closes in crescendo with the closure of Luca Chaplain (3 clean shots) e Yomel Rivera (last shot with no points conceded).

With midweek success, the Parmaclima wins the third consecutive game and consolidates the second place in group A1 right in front of the Camec Collecchio, now 3.5 points away in the standings. Serie A Baseball restarts immediately on Friday with Parmaclima hosting Campidonico Turin, while Collecchio will be back on the scene at home against UnipolSai Bologna.




Recovery result played on 29 June:

Camec Collecchio – Parmaclima 1-15

Standings Poule Scudetto:

Gir. A1: San Marino (11-4), .733; Parmaclima (8-3), .727; Camec Col (6-8), .428; Neptune 1945 (5-10), .333.

Gir. B1: UnipolSai Bol (10-2), 833; Campidonico Tor (8-7), .533; Spirulina Becagli Gr (5-10), .333; Hort @ Go (3-12), .200.

In the attached photo of El Tambor Mayor, Giulio Monello’s swing