Serena: “It crossed my mind to officially retire”

The American, who returned to play a year later, reappeared in Eastbourne with good feelings in preparation for the major londoner At the moment the sensations have been positive and we will have to closely monitor his evolution at Wimbledon.

The winner of 23 Grand Slams was playing her first match after 357 days after being injured on June 29, 2021 in the first round of Wimbledon. Serena gave away great blows even despite not being able to draw individual conclusions due to the difference that we already know there is in an individual match than in a doubles match, but making it clear that he will not step on the courts of the All England Club facing the gallery. Even though they ended up losing the first set 2-6, but surely it was the least important thing.

He did it, despite his legendary record, with a few extra nerves, with inappropriate errors, such as in his footwork, but emphasizing his desire to shine again in each action, looking for the winners from the first moment. In moments of truth, he found them. With his backhand, he placed the first set point in the second set (6-3), which was resolved with a ace house brand, at 164.15 km / h. Forced tiebreaker and excited public. Only a slip near the net stopped for a brief moment the enjoyment of the attendees. She was shocked. And Serena and Ons continued to victory.

After her sports desert, in Eastbourne she reappeared as 1,208th in the WTA ranking and with some mysterious patches on her face, which could be due to sinus problems. During the 12 months of her absence, the rumors around Serena grew to the point that there was talk of her possible withdrawal.

The queen of tennis, although it is not known for how long, is back and analyzed for the media after the match played her feelings and goals in the tournament, her training since her retirement at Wimbledon, her relationship with the Tunisian, her withdrawal, goals after Wimbledon.

Sensations and goals at Eastbourne

I felt good. I was talking to Ons in the first set and I told him: ‘We’re not playing bad.’ We were playing really well that set. It was great to play with Ons. We had a lot of fun and our opponents played amazing. We are happy to stay in the tournament. It’s been reassuring.”

The period to get here

“Obviously, I didn’t train much in the beginning. When I found out I couldn’t play in New York at the US Open, I didn’t exercise, but i always try to stay half fitBecause you never know when you’re going to get into Wimbledon.”

His friendship with Ons Jabeur

“I called Ons, he has been playing very well, I knew he needed some matches and he has always been very kind to me on the circuit”.

Your possible withdrawal

“Absolutely, I’d be dishonest if I said it never crossed my mind to retire for good. But now my body feels great.”

Lines to follow after Wimbledon

I don’t know I can’t answer that. I love tennis and I love to play, otherwise I wouldn’t be here, right? But I also love what I do off the pitch.”



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