Senator Carlos Gómez, will chair the Organizing Committee of the Superior Basketball of Espaillat 2022 – Cartel Deportivo

MOCA. – The senator for the Espaillat Province, Carlos Gómez, was sworn in as president of the Organizing Committee of the XXVIII Espaillat Superior Basketball Tournament (BSE), in a crowded event held at La Finca Restaurant.

Senator Gómez was unanimously chosen for the second time as president of the Organizing Committee of the traditional sports fair that is scheduled to start on Friday, September 16 at the Dr. Rubén Lullo Gitte sports center in this city.

“Everyone knows my commitment to sports, they know the willingness we have always had to support and especially basketball, my passion since I was a child.”, Gómez highlighted in his speech.

In addition, he indicated that, for this new version, they will have a better scenario since there is a commitment from the Ministry of Sports, with better facilities so that this tournament has a more competitive and technical level, that it be an event that all the fans who attend will enjoy. to the facilities. Senator Gómez affirmed.

“We assume this challenge with the gallantry and responsibility that characterizes us, the clubs, the Basketball Association and the population that knows that they will have a great event as always.”

The president of the Espaillat Basketball Association (ASOBAE), Serafín Arroyo, expressed his great satisfaction at having a person like Carlos Gómez who loves sports and basketball.

“Our Superior Basketball is already part of Moca’s sports heritage, since 1994, we have maintained the event with the participation of renowned native players and reinforcements and we will continue to guarantee this sport that our people are passionate about,” Arroyo said.

Ariel Vásquez, provincial director of Sports, also addressed those present. The clubs from San Sebastián, La Cancha, Don Bosco and José Horacio Rodríguez participate in the fair.

The swearing-in was in charge of Alexander Crisóstomo, president of the Sports Union of the Espaillat province (UDEPE), with the assistance of well-known personalities from the socio-sports and provincial fields.


The organizing committee is chaired by Senator Carlos Gómez, Mrs. Juana Rosario de Candelier Governor Vice President, Guarocuya Cabral, Mayor of Moca, the deputies Jeffry Grullón, Jose Miguel Ferreiras, Carlos García, Carlos Alberto Amarante, Serafín Arroyo President of ASOBAE, Yorelbin Rivas Fiscal of Espaillat.

Councilors Idelkys Félix, Guillermo Ferreiras and Miguel Ángel Zapata, as well as Francis Díaz, Dania Cárdenas, Ariel Vásquez, Alexander Crisóstomo president of UDEPE and Santiago Álvarez Executive of PEDEPE.



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