SEE GOAL – Sporting Cristal vs. Atlético Grau: Nilson Loyola scored the 1-0 for League 1

This Sunday Sporting Cristal is measured against Atlético Grau for date 17 of the Betsson League 1 and the one in charge of opening the scoring was Nilson Loyola, side of the Rimense team, in the first part of the commitment.

The goal came in the 21st minute of the match after a corner kick was decided in favor of Sporting Cristal by Martín Távara, a midfielder who decided to send the ball into the heart of the area.

Finally, the ball ended up in the small area against Atlético Grau and could find an unmarked Nilson Loyola in front of goal. For his part, the left back decided to push the ball to be able to fit the ball in front of the Piura goal.

So far, Sporting Cristal has beaten Atlético Grau by the slightest difference at the Bernal Municipal Stadium on date 17 of the Betsson League 1 Opening Tournament.

Sporting Cristal vs. Atlético Grau: confirmed lineups for today by Liga 1

Athletic Degree: Raul Fernandez; Marcelo Gaona, Jose Knight, Jeremy Chirinos, Elsar Rhodes; Luis Alvarez, Manuel Roofed, Neil Marcos, Paul Dela Cruz, Ray Sandoval and Rodrigo Salinas

Sporting Cristal: Alejandro Duarte, Johan Madrid, Gianfranco Chavez, Omar Merlo, Nilson Loyola; Jesús Castillo, Horacio Calcaterra, Martín Távara; Leandro Sosa, Irven Ávila and Joao Grimaldo.

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