Second week of registration for the local instance of the Evita Games

Registrations for the local instance of the Evita Chubut 2022 Sports Games are still open. There is time until June 30.

In the Municipal Gymnasium No. 1, located in Aristóbulo del Valle and Viamonte, the registration for the local instance of the Evita Chubut 2022 Sports Games continues. Those interested can come from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The Games are intended for young people between 12 and 18 years old and are played in the Community and School modality.

In Community, athletes who belong to educational establishments of public or private management, clubs, neighborhood entities, community, associations, guilds, unions, NGOs, that belong to Chubut and are legally constituted participate.

While, in School, athletes will be part of it on behalf of their school, whether public or private.

The program is within the framework of a sports policy at the National and Provincial levels, being a central axis in social sports as an instrument of interaction and social inclusion, achieving joint work between the Provincial Government (Ministry of Education, General Directorate of Physical Education and Supervision of Physical Education Region VI), Municipal (Commodore Sports Autarchic Entity) and the different Federations, Leagues and Associations.

The sports of the Evita 2022 Games are:

Aquathlon, Chess, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball (conventional and 3vs.3), Boxing, Canoeing, Basketball, Cycling, Mountain Biking, Climbing, Fencing, Soccer 11 (Men), Soccer 7 Mixed, Futsal, Disability, Artistic Gymnastics, Trampoline Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Community Handball (under 16) and School (under 14), Beach Handball, Hockey, Judo, Karate, Olympic Lifting, Freestyle and Greco-Roman Wrestling, Artistic Swimming, Conventional Swimming, Figure Skating, Running Skate, Ball Paddle, Rugby, Skate, Tae Kwon Do, Tennis, Table Tennis, Shooting, Archery, Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Optimis and Windsurfing.



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