Sebastian Viera message to the Millonarios fans in Betplay League homers | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

They do not stop arriving controversies regarding the tie to zero of Millionaires and Junior from Barranquilla by fourth round of home runs. Discussed refereeing decisions, loss of time, incidents from the stands, it all happened in El Campín.

Despite all of the above, Sebastian Viera He wanted to refer to the fan as such at a press conference, requesting the accompaniment of the juniors for the closing of the contest and praising, to the surprise of many, the atmosphere of the Albiazul fans.

In social networks there were divided opinions, some took the Uruguayan’s words in a good way and accepted the praise, while many others took it as a mockery due to the goal’s attitudes throughout the meeting.

We tell people to come join us. Whoever wants to go to encourage and with positive energy, go. We are going to be waiting for you with open arms and we need you“, he mentioned.

In this sense, he assured that the rojiblanca fans are “a big swell” and is aware that “she is very committed” to the team thinking about the possible classification for the championship final.

Regarding the ambassadors, it was clear: “Here was a very nice show. I want to congratulate the Millonarios fans. I love coming here no matter how much they piss me off until I can’t. I enjoy very much. The football atmosphere is spectacular and I would love it if they were like that in all the stadiums“.



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