Sebastián Battaglia, satisfied with the level that Boca showed and the praise for Changuito Zeballos

If something characterizes Sebastian Battaglia It is your serenity. Boca’s coach rarely raises his voice in public, nor is he dislocated or out of his mind. His inner peace is something that the team absorbed over the months. And that shows.

at the press conference after 3 to 1 to Barracasthe coach was very satisfied with the performance of his team and highlighted the very good general level of his coaches.

I’m happy for the team in general. We are all here to add. Everyone’s present makes me very happy, and that’s the way we have to continue, no matter who plays”, remarked the driver.

In addition, a space was made to highlight the very good present of Exequiel Zeballos: “It’s growing day by day. We know him very well. Like all the boys, we have taken it little by little. Now he is playing a lot of minutes, he is having a very good level, he has scored goals. And he has to keep improving and growing as a footballer”.

Zeballos, the spoiled child of Boca Mauro Alfieri – The Nation

In relation to the development of the match, much more even in the first stage, Battaglia explained: “We find a team that closes well and makes it difficult for you to find spaces. Luckily we found the play that ended in the second goal and from then on we took advantage of our moment, we had more space and we could have scored a few more goals”.

In relation to the next commitments, the man who won the most titles with the blue and gold shirt evaluated: “We’ll see how everyone is. We know we have the game on Friday (at home, in front of Unión) and then you have to travel to the Cup match (against Corinthians, for the first leg of the eighth finals of the Libertadores). Luckily they all ended well.”

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In addition, Battaglia highlighted: “It is the first game in which we can count on the entire squad. This team played several times together, and the truth is that they are all performing well. But, at the same time, it’s good to keep an idea and a way, and find similar performance in everyone who comes to play.

About Edward Salviowho has a few days left to fulfill his contract and has not yet signed the renewal, confided: “It’s very nice. On Tuesday you should train at par, From there, we’ll see how the week goes and think what’s best for him as far as Friday and hope he feels good.”



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