Scouting, the new faces of the LBA: CJ Massinburg at Pallacanestro Brescia

The new Brescia guard will be the American CJ Massinburg coming out of Limoges, where he proved to be one of the best players of the past season, his first in Europe. Modern Guard, born in 1997, 191 cm tall, she started her career in Buffalo, a college mid-major, therefore not of the very first range, which in the years of our CJ experienced the best results of its history by detaching the ticket for the March Madness several times. In that Buffalo, among other things, he was a teammate of some “old” friends of Italian basketball such as Nick Perkins and Wes Clarke. During his college years, he received several awards, including MAC’s best player of 2019, his conference. He participated in the PIT, the event reserved for seniors from which the various Italian and European teams often draw. After the experience in Buffalo he was not chosen in the draft but he signed a contract with the Nets without ever playing in the NBA as he was shot at Long Island, the G-League team affiliated with Brooklin. In the season just ended, in his first overseas experience he landed at the Limoges of coach Cancellieri and now he will play for Germani. In this article we will try to dissect the technical characteristics of the player but there is one thing that you will not see in the videos but that was confirmed to me by all the scouts and professionals with whom I spoke, or that he is an excellent person from the point of view of character and an exemplary professional.

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Shooters gotta shoot

CJ Massinburg Shooting Chart

He is a very good shooter, in his career he has always held high percentages, in Limoges a perfect 40% from the arc, but what is surprising is the fact that he seems to be at ease in any situation. Whether it’s a shot on the exhausts, coming out of the blocks, a shot built from dribbling, from the pick-and-roll / iso or in transition for him it makes no difference, that’s just what can be defined as a complete shooter.

Secondary Handler

It is not a pure play or a pass-first player but a more than valid secondary handler, able to take the pressure off the Point Guard and play the pick-and-roll in a more than competent way. He is not super creative but he has good reads, he always makes the right choice and often attracting a doubling up he has a good clarity and coldness to find an unmarked partner.



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