Scare at the World Swimming Championships: Andrea Fuentes saves a fainted swimmer in the pool

The American swimmer Anita Alvarez starred in the big scare of the day at the World Championships in Budapest after fading while doing his exercise in the synchronized artistic swimming free solo final.

A setback that stayed only in a fright thanks to the quick intervention of his coach, the Spanish Andrea Fuenteswho did not hesitate to jump into the pool to rescue his pupil.

After leaving the bunk pool, the swimmer recovered and is out of danger, although, as reported by the American team, she will be subjected to various tests in the coming days to reveal the causes of the fading.

“It simply came to our notice then. It’s been two minutes without breathing today, “said Fuentes. “When a swimmer finishes, the first thing she does is breathe, she sinks and no one reacts, so I threw myself,” she said.

The American swimmer began to fade into the water and Fuentes had to jump to get her out of the pool, aided by a championship assistant. “Doctors insist that everything is fine […] Athletes put the body to the limit, it has discovered today where its limit is “, he commented.

“I don’t think so. It was apotheosis, Anita was not breathing. I tried to wake him up with slaps and open his jaw, “said Andrea Fuentes. The American finished seventh in the race with a score of 87.6333, just behind the Spanish Iris Tió, who finished sixth.

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