Scandal! The Swiss national team, who also played against the Czechs, is being investigated for betting fraud

The National Criminal Agency (NKA) is investigating an unusually high bet that Arsenal’s support Granit Xhaka will receive a yellow card in the last ten minutes of the match with Leeds. Xhaka was very close to putting themselves one up after 86 minutes as he broke through on the left, but failing in concentration, he shot the ball wide.

Arsenal had a comfortable lead of three goals, which he basically secured in the first half, which he won 3: 0. In the end, the match, which took place on December 18 last year, ended 4: 1 for the Gunners.

The fact that the Swiss national team member, who played the entire match against the Czechs in the League of Nations at the beginning of the month, will receive a yellow card, a sum of almost 1.9 million crowns was bet during the match. The bettor came to a nice 250 thousand pounds, ie about 7.2 million crowns. The amount bet was beyond what is usually expected for this situation, so it is no wonder that Xhaka is suspected of having the card intentionally given.

The case was previously investigated by the English Football Association, which, however, did not reach a clear conclusion even after six months, so it was handed over to the NKA.



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