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Save yourself who can from devaluation! The BetPlay 2022-I League is not experiencing its best moment despite great figures that have come out. Daniel Ruiz is an exception who commands the latest price update on the market according to the transfer statistics portal, Transfermarkt.

However, what is worrying is knowing that not even the final can save this negative reality that Colombian Professional Soccer is experiencing with a considerable decline in the value of figures. This is not only an impact on the national income, but also on the Colombian National Team, since it is sad to see that a generational change is coming in which perhaps the BetPlay League can be considered to put cards in calls, but the truth is that except for Daniel Ruiz, one of the greatest potentials, there is not much to choose from reflected in the prestige they have.

Ad-portas to play the final of the national rental between Atlético Nacional vs Deportes Tolima, a series that will start at the Atanasio Girardot Stadium, there is no way to save yourself in two games from that bad statistic that surrounds Colombian football. According to the Transfermarkt portal, the most expensive player of the Antioquia club is third in that list. Jarlan Barrera occupies that box, valued at 3.00 million euros, while to talk about a pijao footballer is Sergio Mosquera with a value of 1.8 million. Both lowered their price compared to what they cost previously.

Injuries and non-continuity, in addition to the poor performance of some players, was the cause of that downturn in the last update. Millonarios is sustained with the case of Daniel Ruiz, Álvaro Montero and Andrés Llinás in the Top 5 most expensive players, while its classic rival, Independiente Santa Fe, heads the negative list of resounding variations in value with Francisco Meza.

On his return to Independiente Santa Fe, Francisco Meza played 13 games where he left many doubts, as the Cardinals failed to qualify for the final home runs and the defense was a delicate area throughout the tournament. Injuries also reduced his continuity, in fact, he arrived recovering from an injury to Tigres and this also contributed to reducing his value.

In turn, this statistic in the value of Francisco Meza maintains its relationship with the departure of the eleventh cardinal. In a sea of ​​doubts about his continuity, finally, the Barranquilla player is one of the casualties that Alfredo Arias presents. This is the Transfermarkt listing.

Next, the Top 10 most undervalued players:

1) Francisco Meza | It lowered its price by 1.1 million, now valued at 900 thousand euros

2) Sergio Mosquera | It lowered its price by 700 thousand, now valued at 1.8 million euros

3) Andres Felipe Roman | It lowered its price by 700 thousand, now valued at 1.8 million euros

4) Iago Falque | It lowered its price by 450 thousand, now valued at 750 thousand euros

5) Barrier Jarlan | Although it is valued at 3 million euros, its value dropped 400 thousand euros

6) Baldomero Perlaza | It lowered its price by 400 thousand, now valued at 1.1 million euros

7) Fernando Uribe | It lowered its price by 400 thousand, valued at 800 thousand euros

8) Miguel Angel Borja | Although he is the second most expensive player, valued at 3.7 million, his value fell by 300 thousand euros

9) Yeison Guzman | It lowered its price by 300 thousand, now valued at 1.3 million euros

10) Andres Ricaurte | It lowered its price by 300 thousand, now valued at 900 thousand euros



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