Santa Fe announced its departures and does not mention signings yet | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

Santa Fe has already started its pre-competitive work to start the BetPlay League on the right foot in the next semester. Alfredo Arias has already joined the training sessions with the entire team at the Tenjo sports venue. Illusion to the top for the Uruguayan strategist, because the Cardinals have done well with the Charrúas.

Withdrawals and big casualties, one sensitive, and others who passed through the club with a fleeting tour. However, they have not yet commented on which players would be part of the team in the upcoming season. Alfredo Arias appeared to Gastón Rodríguez, but for now there has been no decision by Eduardo Méndez and other directors. Also, Ángel Cayetano, Uruguayan midfielder of Universitario de Deportes is also interested in his compatriot Arias.

The last foreign signings in Santa Fe have been fleeting and without much goal. They bring them as scorers, but they remain owed in the cardinal institution. That may be the same as with Ángel Cayetano, a brand midfielder who could be just a bet like Fernando Coniglio, Ezequiel Aguirre, Matías Castro, Denis Stracqualursi, Rubén Bentancourt and Franco Razzotti, to name a few.

For now, seven departures and no discharges are confirmed by means of a statement issued by the institution. Francisco Meza will not continue in the club, with the desire to seek international airs. Edwin Herrera, who has not yet confirmed his continuity, has an attractive suitor in the form of San Lorenzo de Almagro, a team that is not experiencing its best present in economic terms.

One of the greatest idols of Santa Fe in its history as Yulián Anchico says goodbye to professionalism at 38 years old, and will now be linked to the minor divisions of the club, according to the statement.

After not reaching agreements with Eduardo Méndez, Harold Gómez also joined the list of exits. The owner of the right flank who performed well, and was the only player this season to convert from free throws twice. The defenders, Jerson Malagón and José Ortiz will also leave the club.

A chronicle of announced exits, Fernando Coniglio scored only two goals in Santa Fe with two penalties in the BetPlay Cup, and Ezequiel Aguirre was more sitting than playing and could not score in the cardinal box. The Argentines, who are once again just bets, once again confirmed their low level in the Colombian rent. For now, another bet sounds like Ángel Cayetano in the core of the lions.



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