San Marino and Turin have a lot of booty in the Scudetto poule »

Rodriguez on the mountain

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San Marino e Torino they do full loot in the intergirone phase of the Scudetto poule, with the Titans struggling a lot against the Bbc Grosseto and the Piedmontese who, on the other hand, are more easily right than Collecchio. Il Neptune 1945 makes his two games against Godowhile Parma e Bologna did not take the field cause Covid.

The matches of the last weekend confirm the value of the forces on the field, with San Marino leading the rankings of group A, installed by Parma, and Bologna which, on the other hand, does not seem to have rivals. There are races to be recovered, of course, but at the moment the hopes of Camec Collecchio and Nettuno on the one hand, Turin, Spirulina Becagli Grosseto and Godo on the other do not seem to be much.

We said of San Marino that suffers but drops the trio. In game 1 (5-4 the final) on a sacrificial bunt at the last inning – after Grosseto had equalized – a shooting error pushes home the decisive point of the Titans. In the box 2 out of 3 for Celli and 2 out of 4 for Kelly, winning on Mount Baez and losing Noguera. The second match was also fought (2-0) with 5 valid on each side but San Marino that between fourth and fifth scores the decisive points thanks to the doubles of Ustariz and Celli. Quattrini takes care of the mountain with 8k in 6.2 again to guarantee the victory. The third match was easier, won (9-1) thanks to 12 hits against 3 and the 4 mistakes made by the Maremma defense. Ustariz (3 out of 3) is still to be reported in the box, while the winner on the mountain is Di Raffaele and the loser Tucci.

Turin wins three times quite smoothly. In the first match (5 to 1 the final) the great test of Rodriguez stands out on the mountain who scores 12k, while in the box Oldano (2 out of 2) and Pascoli (2 out of 3) make the difference. In game 2 (6-3) the Piedmontese beat 11 hits – with 2 out of 4 by De Marina and Oldano – but they risk despite the Collecchio hitting only 4 hits. The winning pitcher is Pascoli – who makes 3 K in 1.2 shots thrown – loser Zotti. The third match made by Turin (11-3) is easier this time the validations are the same as the previous match for both teams but the Campidonico makes the most of them and finds a super Carrera that pushes home 5 points with 2 valid out of three shifts. Vincente Robles, loser Santana.

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Neptune gives up the first match (1-0) in a game dominated by pitchers who concede 3 valid for each side. Bucchi was decisive as he pushed home the decisive point after a base for ball. Winning Garcia Del Toro who leaves 10 opponents in the pot in 6 rounds, Hamaya loser. The Tyrrhenians redeem themselves in the other races. In the second match (7-0) there are 9 valid beats against 2 and there are 2 out of 3 by Novoa, 2 out of 4 by Mercuri (with a home run) and Giordani. Winner Pecci who leaves 5 opponents at the pot, loser Galeotti. In the third match Godo beats more hits – 8 against 7 – but loses (4-2) thanks to the three points scored at the start by Nettuno 1945. With two outs and full bases it is a double from Garbella (he will close at 3 out of 3). push mates home. Vincente Pizziconi, loser Piumatti.



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