San Carlos promoted to the Super League of Mendoza basketball

June 29, 2022 – 1:00 p.m.

San Carlos basketball is partying after the victory achieved last night at the Polimeni stadium, which will allow be part of the next edition of the Super Leaguewhere the best teams in the province participate.

San Carlos celebrates.jpg

Let’s remember that in order to get promotion, from Level 1 where the San Carlos team was participating, to the Super League organized by the Mendoza Basketball Federation, three games had to be played.

In the first of the series, as a visitor, the Uco Valley team had won against Obras Mendoza by a tight 76 to 75 and, when everything was ready for the celebration at the Eugenio Bustos Sports Center last Friday, June 24, the enormous presence of the public put so much pressure on the locals that they ended up falling by 65 to 61.

And on the night of Tuesday, June 28, at the Polimeni stadium, the third and last match of the series was played, which concluded with a Sancarlina victory by 60-54.

The members of the team that returns to deposit San Carlos basketball at the highest level of provincial competition was made up ofMatias Espelette; Gregory Gonzalez; Jose Azuaje; Cristian Paez; Ignacio Moreno; Matías Cisnero; Valentin Periale; Giuliano Pegoraro and Agustín Mazzeo; being the coach who led the victorious path led by the renowned local basketball player, Heber Jira.

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