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First day of competition that ends without medals for Italy at the European Cadet Judo Championships 2022continental event reserved for athletes born between 2005 and 2007 in progress in Parenzo (Porec, Croatia) until Sunday 26 June.

For the tricolor movement, two fifth places arrived at the end of day-1, in which the lightest individual weight categories were staged. Medal touched in the 44 kg by Rebecca Valerianiable to reach the semifinals and then suffer two defeats in a row against the French Morgane Annis and the Hungarian Szabina Szeleczki.

He also had to settle for a placement at the foot of the podium Francesco Sampino in the 60 kg, with four fights won (two in the repechage) and two lost between quarter-finals and playoffs for the bronze. In the same weight category, the premature elimination of Antonio Esposito in the first round.

Identical route in the 48 kg per Sofia Mazzola (n.3 del seeding) e Alessandra Rocco (# 5), both defeated in the quarter-finals and then unable to reach the final for the bronze through the repechage board. However, the two Italians closed the continental review with a balance of two victories and two defeats each.

Out in the quarter-finals and then in the second repechage round also Emiliano Lattanzi (fifth seeded in 50 kg), however the author of a good race with two home matches under his belt. Defeat at the debut instead for Alberto Tripepi and Giulio Muzziengaged in the 55 kg.

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