Salihamidzic’s son tweets again, Bayern fans react critically

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In the middle of the transfer phase, Nick Salihamidzic speaks up again, the 19-year-old is again targeting the critical Bayern fans.

Munich – The past season ended anything but optimal for Bayern. The Munich team only secured the German championship, the Champions League ended in the quarter-finals and with Robert Lewandowski the club will very likely lose its most effective clipper. Sports director Hasan Salihamidzic came under pressure, and in early May his son Nick responded to the anger of Bayern fans via Twitter. Now the 19-year-old spoke up again and scolded the supporters again.

Nick Salihamidzic attacked Brazzo critics – tweets deleted shortly afterwards

In his tweets in early May, Nick not only defended his father, but also announced another big transfer between the lines. “After this transfer window, remember what you said, there’s no turning back after all the comments,” wrote the Brazzo son, attacking the critics: “You all switch so quickly – a player like Sané is brought in , everyone escalates sick, then the player doesn’t play well, but Brazzo is to blame”. In the meantime, the player from the reserve team of the record champions has deleted the corresponding tweets.

Nick Salihamidzic plays for Bayern Munich’s second team. © Sven Leifer/imago-images

Nick may have already known about the interest in Sadio Mané, but his latest tweets are aimed at the fans again. “It’s awesome how everyone respects FC Bayern’s work on the transfer market, except for our own fans,” he posted on Saturday. The day before, his father ended the negotiations for the Senegalese in Liverpool and thus secured FC Bayern a top-class newcomer.

Nick Salihamidzic hands out again against FC Bayern supporters – “I predicted it”

Nick seems to feel vindicated by the recent events on the transfer market. The teenager posted a screenshot of his now-deleted tweets and captioned them with the words: “I predicted it so, if you didn’t understand my last tweet: that’s what I meant.”

Bayern fans react to Nick Salihamidzic’s tweet: “You are an employee of the club”

The fans in the comments column are mostly not enthusiastic about the statements made by the Salihamidzic offspring. “Anyone who scares away a Lewandowski and gets a Mane as a replacement is getting worse,” writes one user, “Unfortunately, your daddy hasn’t done a good job in recent years. The criticism was and is absolutely justified,” says another Bayern supporter. “You are an employee of the club and you, like your teammates, are not entitled to make such sweeping statements about the fans,” another fan criticized the right-back’s statements.

It remains to be seen whether he will take the fans’ criticism to heart or continue to cause unrest on Twitter. His father’s already stressful work would probably benefit from a little more rest. (ajr)



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