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Everything has changed so that the Red Bull pilots have won in six stages in a row, resulting in 46 points ahead of Serhio Peres in the overall standings of the Verstapens Championship. However, on the Montreal track, Carlos Sains demonstrated that the Ferrari is very competitive and has been the leader in the last 15 laps, although it was not missed.

“Now we have won several races in a row, we are in the lead in both championships, Max is running smoothly and that’s all,” says Red Bull boss Christian Horner. “However, we had problems with the Serhio car to investigate, and Ferrari’s speed in this race was really impressive. We must not relax.”

Team adviser Helmut Marko admits that the Ferrari car was the fastest in Canada, but Verstapen has withstood the pressure.

“The pressure from Sains at the end of the race was huge,” Marco said. “Max couldn’t move so far that Sains couldn’t use the CRS because the Ferrari in the second section of the track was significantly faster than ours. Of course, Max also had older tires, so I have to say, take off his hat for “Fortunately for us, Sains also made two mistakes in the curves.”

Speaking of Peres’ withdrawal, Marco revealed that the gearbox had stopped working: “It was the end of its life, but it had to endure more. It was probably the accident on Saturday that was to blame.”

Marco also says Red Bull has still not reached the minimum weight.

“Our machine is still too heavy, and that’s a negative feature,” he said. “On the plus side, losing weight will reduce lap times.”

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