Sadness & Loss Cause Ex Man United & City Carlos Tevez To Retire From Football

Tevez has not played a game since 2021, and it was only recently revealed that he decided to retire due to deep sadness.

Carlos Tevez has announced that he has decided to retire from football. He explained his deep sadness when he made the decision to hang up his shoes.

The bitter cause that was felt by the former Manchester United and Manchester City was the loss of the ‘number one fan’ figure, which was none other than Segundo Raimundo, his biological father.

This 38-year-old figure has had an extraordinary career and has been a phenomenal striker, with strengthened clubs such as United, City, Boca Juniors, to Juventus.

Tevez himself has been on hiatus from the field since 2021, with himself still a Boca player. His father died that year, in February to be exact, and now he has decided to retire.

“I’m retired, it’s confirmed. I’ve had offers from many places, but as a player I’ve given everything I have,” Tevez told television broadcast Animales Sueltos.

“My last year playing [di Boca Juniors] very difficult because of him [almarhum ayah Tevez, Segundo Raimundo] brain death. One day I woke up and told Vane [istri Tevez, Vanessa]: ‘I don’t want to play anymore’.”

“I called Adrian [agen Tevez, Adrian Ruocco] in the afternoon, and told him: ‘Listen, I’m not going to play anymore. I’m retiring’.”

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“They ask me all the time why I stopped playing until I told them: ‘I stopped playing because I lost my number 1 fan’. I was eight years old, and he was the one who came to watch me.”

“Why else would I decide to retire? I told them: ‘I don’t play for anyone anymore’. I thought [keputusan untuk pensiun] is the only time I really think about myself. I have lost my number one. fans and that makes me not want to play anymore.”



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