Russia responds to the United States: “Brittney Griner is not a hostage”

Lthe detention of Brittney Griner and Russia has been extended until the month of July, a decision that the U.S. government classify as unfair. After several months without response the Kremlin ruled on the case, denying that the player is wrongfully detained.

In an interview for MSNBC, spokesman Dmitri Peskov, assured that the WNBA player she is not a political prisoner and that she is detained for breaking the law.

“We can’t call him a hostage. Why should we call him a hostage? I violated Russian law. Now they are criminally persecuting her,” he said.

The spokesman stressed that the way in which has handled the information is totally false and that Griner’s case is being judged according to Russian law about possession of prohibited substances.

“The attempt to introduce prohibited substances into the country. She is being prosecuted under Russian law. Not only in Russia there are such severe laws in this field. There are many countries where drugs cannot be brought. That is prosecuted by law. And we can’t do anything.”

In the past week, the Russian government confirmed that Griner’s detention will continue for another 18 days and, although the family is receiving the support of the government of Joe Biden, recently his wife could not have communication with her, because the United States embassy in Russia did not have staff.

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