Ruggeri’s revelations about Passarella: the secret injury before the 86 World Cup and the details of his last talk

The talk between Ruggeri and Passarella

This Wednesday marks the 36th anniversary of the title won by the Argentine team in the 1986 World Cup and that is why several of the champions met on Tuesday night to eat and remember that event. Ricardo Bochini, Jorge Valdano, Nery Pumpido, Ricard Giusti, Jorge Burruchaga y Oscar Ruggeri were some of those who participated in the dinner of which he himself pigheaded I speak in ESPN.

The former central defender of the team led by Charles Bilardo He referred to the poisoning he suffered Daniel Passarella in that contest and that prevented him from being part of the calls for the matches, despite having been a member of the final list. In this sense, she told for the first time something that the campus had been hiding for 36 years: “I don’t know what he took that grabbed his stomach, but what happened, nobody tells her. Passarella recovers, he was to play the other game and doing physical work, the teacher stops him because he was very skinny. He had lost a lot of weight. Y the teacher and Madero told him, ‘Daniel, why don’t you stop, you’re going to get injured’. But he saw what that beast was, he didn’t give a ball to anyone and he tore himself apart. Nobody knows that he tore himself there and then his stomach relapsed ”.

Raúl Madero, doctor of that team, I had told something similar when He pointed out that the virus that the Kaiser was infected with came from the ice made with tap water that the center used to drink whiskey. After that relapse, the River Plate idol called Dr. Oliva, a doctor from Menotti’s time, who was honest with him: “Oliva told him, ‘Daniel, did you have a relapse? Say goodbye to the World Cup, you don’t play anymore.’”

Passarella was one of those absent at the champions’ dinner and Ruggeri revealed that he had a conversation with him in the last few hours: “We didn’t get together… I’m going to say it, I talked to him, he attended to me. We agreed that we are going to have a coffee”. Regarding the topics in the talk, he said: “I told Daniel, ‘You don’t realize that you’re too rude for nothing to be known about you'”.

It should be noted that the former defender who became champion of the 1978 World Cup is reluctant to speak to the press (especially after his time as president of River Plate) and does not maintain a relationship with his former teammates. “For me, he is the best center back of all the ones we had by far. I told him, ‘Do you realize that you are the best of all the central defenders and I have you up there?’. Two-time world champion and champion as captain. Over there he does not feel part of 86, but I do not care, he was there “, sentenced the pigheaded.

Excited for the anniversary of the title, Ruggeri was also very happy to have been able to share a table with Ricardo Bochini, who despite being one of the best players in that team, was not a starter. He also thanked Bilardo, since according to his eyes, this group union that continues to this day is the product of what the coach of that team did to constantly bring the squad together so that the players establish a friendship that exceeds what sports.




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