Rudy Gobert on the start? The boss of Jazz finally speaks!

Rudy Gobert’s name has been circulating in rumors for weeks, as if a departure from Jazz was totally inevitable. But if the owner of the franchise is to be believed, this long-awaited exchange may never take place.

Since the elimination of the Jazz against the Mavericks in the first round of the playoffs, all specialists believe that the franchise will implode. It must be said that the Donovan Mitchell / Rudy Gobert duo still cannot turn a corner, which could make the leaders want to start a new chapter by exchanging one of the two All-Stars. And right now, the Frenchman is most likely to pack his bags.

Several franchises would also be on the lookout to recover it in the coming weeks, and it is in the Eastern Conference that its future seems to be written. According to some, it would be the missing piece to aim for the title in a historic franchisethat is to say the rating he has in this microcosm, despite the many criticisms of him on social networks.

The departure of Rudy Gobert not yet recorded in Utah

But if everyone acts as if a departure was inevitable, the big bosses of Jazz have never expressed themselves on the subject… It is now done, since on the occasion of a press conference organized with the UFC, for the promotion of the big night of MMA on August 20, the owner Ryan Smith cheerfully laughed at all the rumors about his franchise.

That’s the beauty of the NBA, the offseason is as exciting and entertaining as the regular season. There are a lot of rumors going around and I laugh a lot reading them. A journalist writes a piece of information one day, and the next day another says the opposite. So I relax at this time of year and laugh at all the rumors, because they are light years from the truth.

According to the owner of the Jazz, a large part of the rumors circulating are not only false, but they are also light years from the truth, which suggests that a departure from Rudy Gobert is not necessarily recorded. Is this a serious statement, which reflects a desire to keep the structure of the team intact, or a way to increase the offers?

Anyway, the name of the French All-Star should come back again in the coming days, since with the approach of the Free Agency, the market should settle strongly. The Blazers opened hostilities in offering the services of a highly coveted player, which could open the door to all the other teams. But if nothing moves in Utah, it will not be a surprise.

Contrary to what has been said for weeks, the departure of Rudy Gobert is not necessarily recorded in Utah. The leaders even have fun with all the rumors that surround the franchise, which may well cause other teams to improve their offerings.



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