Rosa-Corradi silver in Ju No Kata in Catania

Diano Marina. The alliance between the Judo Club Diano Marina and it Judo Club Corsaro of Imperia. On the morning of last Saturday, June 18, the 10th edition of the “Dynamic Judo Cup Kata 2022” – National Grand Prix Kata A1-A2-Tour Kata Junior took place at the Interregional Center FIJLKAM in Catania. The Rosa LucaCorradi Marcorespectively Instructor of Judo Club Diano Marina and Coach of Judo Club Corsaro, have reached another positive milestone in Category A2, obtaining the silver medal in Ju no Kata and further improving the already good result obtained in Reggio Emilia last 1st. May.

Both technicians were very satisfied with their training in recent periods under the supervision of Maestro Luigi De Maria, of the Dojo Byakko Tai Sanremo, and in the headquarters of the Judo Club Corsaro made available by Maestro Lucio GARZIA.

During the summer break, the La Rosa-Corradi duo will prepare for the last round of the Grand Prix, the final scheduled for October 8 in Turin and for the last race of the year, the Italian Cup and Tournament of the Regions will take place on November 13 in Siena



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